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*Brown Rice & Multi-grain rice Available

Healthy Wrap &
Handrolled Sushi

*Brown Rice & Multi-grain rice Available

Healthy Wrap & Handrolled Sushi

Handroll Sushi are getting very popular dish for gourmands. At this “Build-Your-Own” style handroll sushi station, customers can customize toppings, wraps, and seasonings. Handroll sushi and wraps can be light meal or snacks to support customers’ healhty life.



*Brown Rice & Multi-grain rice Available

Ready to Heat

*Brown Rice Available

Rice Ball

Grab & Bite Conveniently Portable Meals

Musubi rice balls has designed as a portable snack or meal. We can offer various toppings at reasonable price. So Musubi will be the popular grab-and-go snacks for customers!
Poke &

You have choice of protein, base, vegetables, toppings, sauce and seasonings to make your bowl.
The bowl can be customized as protein-rich, healthy, gluten-free, light or heavy. We can offer fresh seafood, tender meat, brown rice, noodles, fresh cut vegetables, and more.
This order system will support health-conscious customers!