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About Us

About Us

We here at International Food Creations, a company that works with multiple business segments like supermarkets, university, and large office outlets.  We specialize in gourmet Asian cuisine that covers a wide range of variety.  With the added changes during this worldwide pandemic, the normal public has changed their shopping and/or eating habits.

Food Service has also changed, our food service bar will offer a value added to the stores by expanding the meal choice to their customers.  Many consumers currently shop for prepared meals at supermarkets.

Our mission is to offer a wide selection of high quality, unique meals that are delicious, convenient, and affordable.
International Food Creations will be focused on food safety compliance / quality assurance, innovative product development, and close supervision and support for field operations.

Our headquarter and management office in Los Angeles, CA.  Also, distribution centers are in Sacramento, CA and Fredericksburg, VA.

2024 Transformation

“From Ginza to the World”


Delight and Inspiration for Our Customers
Growth and happiness for our partners
Contribution to society

In 2024, International Food Creations is embarking on a new journey. We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the prestigious and renowned Onodera Group ( This collaboration will further enrich the quality and variety of our gourmet Asian cuisine offerings.

Partnership with Onodera Group
The Onodera Group is a well-established corporate group with diverse operations both within Japan and internationally, known for their high standards of quality and innovation. Through this partnership, we aim to strengthen our capabilities in the following areas:
  • Food Safety Compliance and Quality Assurance: By integrating the Onodera Group’s rigorous quality control and food safety standards, we will provide even higher levels of safe and reliable products.
  • Innovative Product Development: We will jointly develop new recipes and cooking methods to offer more unique and delicious meals.
  • Close Supervision and Support for Field Operations: Together with the experienced staff from the Onodera Group, we will ensure smoother and more efficient field operations.

Evolving Our Mission and Vision

Our mission remains steadfast: to offer high-quality, unique, and delicious meals that are convenient and affordable for our customers. However, with the partnership of the Onodera Group, this mission will be accelerated and enhanced.

Strengthening Our Management Team

Our executive management team boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the Food and Beverage industry and over 20 years in retail outlets. With the addition of the Onodera Group, we now have an even more robust team. We will continue to oversee daily operations with a personal touch and stringent quality control. Our field managers, food safety managers, trainers, and chefs will meticulously focus on service and food safety guidelines to provide our customers with the best possible experience.
Through this 2024 transformation, International Food Creations will continue to evolve. This new partnership enables us to offer even more appealing options and ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality service. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

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