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Pop-Up Store

A pop-up store is a term given to a store that offers its service at the location deliberately temporarily. The popular food deli (restaurant) “pops-up” for a limited period of time so the local-only food can be enjoyed and known by more people. The pop-up term can be a day to a couple of weeks. Pop-up satisfies customers’ demand and also helps stores to gain broad recognition.

We have extensive experience producing pop-up stores. Two standout events include a ramen festival in Hawaii and a gathering of local ramen favorites in Los Angeles.
In Hawaii, we hosted a ramen festival featuring popular shops from Japan, attracting locals who lined up daily to enjoy limited-time ramen offerings. The event was a huge success, drawing enthusiastic ramen enthusiasts eager to experience authentic flavors from Japan in Hawaii.
In Los Angeles, we curated an event where we brought together various popular local ramen shops in one location. By serving smaller portions, attendees could sample multiple types of ramen in one sitting. This approach allowed participants to compare and enjoy a diverse range of ramen flavors, receiving positive feedback from attendees. Through our pop-up stores, we aim to showcase regional food cultures and provide new culinary experiences for our audiences.

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